CSN-Zenetec Collision Centre to open new location in south Barrie

An artist's rendering of the new location for CSN-Zenetec Collision Centre in south Barrie. The facility is slated to be fully operational by 2017.

By Mike Davey

Barrie, Ontario — June 24, 2016 — CSN-Zenetec Collision Centre has announced it will open an additional location in south Barrie, and that the new location will use the Fixline system by Symach.

The new facility will be fully automated with Symach’s Fixline conveyor system and six robots.

“This is Symach’s first greenfield location in Canada, allowing the best use of the space considering efficiency, quality, volume of production and aesthetic design using their substantial line of equipment,” says Martin Monteith, the facility’s owner.

Osvaldo Bergaglio is the President of Symach. He personally designed the layout of the new facility, working with CSN-Zenetec Collision Centre since last October to make sure everything will flow smoothly.

According to a statement from Symach, the automation drastically reduces cycle time and should allow the new facility to produce about 90 repairs a week. Training of the staff should take about four to five weeks after installation of the system is complete, according to Osvaldo Bergaglio, President of Symach.

“We have always been at the forefront of the latest technology here at CSN-Zenetec,” says Monteith. “Although this project has a much larger scope, when we decided to open another repair facility we wanted to offer our clients and insurance repair partners something better, something no one else had offered, providing the very finest in service, speed and accuracy. We feel our team and our customers deserve the very best. We have dedicated ourselves to invest more to give more.”

The 28,000 sq. ft. shop will also include an automatic car wash, with six independent stalls for detailing. The car wash is not part of the Fixline system, but a stand-alone tunnel system from Tommy Car Wash Systems. The car wash is extremely advanced and can handle over 150 cars an hour. While it will no doubt be used for washing repaired vehicles, the new car wash is also expected to serve as an independent profit centre for the facility.

Also incorporated in the new shop will be five bays for vehicle wraps, window tinting and glass replacement. The large office area will include a customer lounge with various amenities.

“It all comes down to who can repair the vehicle faster while keeping quality and safety paramount, and costs contained by reducing overall cycle time,” says William Monteith, VP of CSN-Zenetec Collision Centre.

The new shop is slated to be fully operational by the beginning of 2017.

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