Creating classic tape shading effects with Mitch Lanzini

Mitch Lanzini of Lanzini Body Works creates a tape effect. Check out the video below for more on this procedure.

Huntington Beach, California — August 17, 2016 — You may recognize Mitch Lanzini from his appearances on over 25 episodes of the TV program Overhaulin’. The show frequently has the crew complete a custom in a single week. While Lanzini can’t recommend that sort of pace for the daily grind, he is very proud of the work he’s accomplished for the show.

“When you have the pressure on, it’s amazing what you can get done,” he says.

Lanzini is the owner of Lanzini Body Works in Huntington Beach, Calif. You can check out Lanzini’s latest tech tip video featuring how to create a classic tape shading effect in the player below. Lanzini says this technique is ideal for beginning painters looking to build confidence. “It’s so, so easy, doesn’t take much time and the effect is cool,” he says.

It’s a high-power contrast of unexpected colors and free-flowing shapes with symmetrical lines and steady gun work.

“To me, tape shading is an old lowrider or hot rod type of effect,” says Lanzini. “I picture Larry Watson or Barris using this technique in the ‘50s or ‘60s.”

He also believes his paint of choice, the Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat system, is ideal for this effect. “That’s the thing with this paint, it shades so nicely. It’s great for shadows and blends.”

You can check out Lanzini’s technique in the player below, or click here to download the tutorial. For more information on Lanzini Body Works, please visit lanzinibodyworks.com.


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