Color Compass inventory management system, KUBE

Color Compass describes KUBE as the next generation of inventory control.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — May 11, 2018 —The Color Compass inventory management system, KUBE, is now set up in nearly 100 collision repair facilities in Western Canada. Color Compass describes KUBE as the next generation of inventory control.
Emile Fremont, director of business development, Color Compass comments, “We are thrilled that the Color Compass developed KUBE Inventory Management system is nearing its 100th install. We have seen that KUBE has proven itself to lower overall inventory and ensure that shops stay as productive as possible by avoiding stock-outs on critical products. New this year is the ColorPASS feature that is unique to KUBE. It brings gram inventory usage data and automated replenishment to the smart-scales in the paint mixing room, a big component to a collision shop’s overall materials profitability.” 
KUBE has several noteworthy features, including automated inventory replenishment via minimum and maximum levels and specific replenishment scheduling, inventory bin cabinets with simple barcode inventory setup and scanning and the ColorPASS feature that links the KUBE software to mixing scales in the paint room to ensure precise replenishment, inventory and usage reporting of all poured liquids.
KUBE also has a robust reporting feature that provides instant inventory valuations by shop department, including product consumption info by R.O. and technician. Speed is the key with instant material profitability KPIs by department, and a dashboard with management system integration to round out the KUBE solution. 
Visit colorcompass.com/kubim for more information. 

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