Collision Edge says new Estimating Kit helps improve estimating profitability

Collision Edge Estimating Kit

By Tom Davis

Newnan, Georgia — October 12, 2017 Georgia-based Collision Edge is a family owned business focused on solving problems for Body Shops. The company has launched a series of products that will help bodyshops in the collision repair industry better document collision damage.

The standard practice of estimating for many bodyshops is to walk around the vehicle with a clipboard or camera, calculating the required physical and mechanical costs to repair the vehicle. Damage is documented with photos to support the estimate and justify repair times. In other words, a better estimate means more money.

Collision Edge has launched several products that will help bodyshops record an accurate estimate while minimizing administrative time and maximizing shop communications.

The company’s products include The Dent Viewer, which uses reflective material that works with your camera flash, allowing for superior definition of subjective damage. The Estimating Kit is a collection of Magnetic Rulers purpose built for various estimating task such as illustrating the size of the damage or recording how far components are from weld zones.

The Estimating Kit includes The Blend Stick to accurately assign blend times for repairs, the 22” Estimating Stick and the 12” Estimating Stick are used together to assist in photo locating the exact location of emblems and decals while 13′′ x 9′′ Square Dent Sizer gives scale to subjective damage.

The most recent addition to the line is the Mark Safe Estimating Arrows. The arrows prevent damage associated with writing on cars with water pens. The Mark Safe Arrows come in Red, Yellow and Green, are made with easy release vinyl and are pre-sectioned for simple use with a Sharpie Marker. The Mark Safe Estimating arrows work well with the company’s other products, such as the Tape Thing and the Tape Thing Caddy.

“All we do is watch, learn and solve our customer’s problems. There’s nothing on the market like our products”, said founder Tim Briggs. “The products help show the scale of the damage and solve the old problem of getting high-quality images for the insurance companies. Proper and detailed documentation gets you paid. The images captured with our products speak for themselves. We find that the first time customers use our products, they have already paid for themselves.”

More information about Collision Edge can be found at www.collisonedge.com or @collisionedge on Facebook and Instagram.


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