Cease and Desist: GM, Ford warn against predatory sales tactics

Detroit, Michigan — General Motors and Ford Motor Co. have a clear message for dealerships – stop overcharging, or there will be consequences.

Screenshots on the Silverado Evolution and the F150 Gen 14 forums show both companies threatening to cease vehicle sales to dealers with predatory business practices, including charging above MSRP and demanding additional payments to maintain vehicle reservations.

General Motors denounced some autobody dealers for “putting our collective interests at risk and generating negative press that reflects poorly on GM’s brands and dealerships.”

Similarly, Ford denouncing a limited number of dealerships for “threatening customers by withholding their opportunity to convert reservations to orders.”

According to Edmunds Analysts, the average car was purchased for $728 above MSRP in January 2022. A year ago, there would be an average discount of $2100, and a discount of $2600 in January 2020.


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