Your voice is your most powerful tool By ALLISON ROGERS There are very few things I love more than talking. I thrive on finding conversations on any corner. Chats with my barista? A daily occurrence. Weather-related meanderings with my neighbour? Those are especially frequent. Now and then even my dog tells me to shut up. […]


  WARREN BENNETT | RETIRED After 43 years of dedicated service, Warren Bennett is retiring. Bennett first started his insurance career in the 1980s as an insurance appraiser. He most recently served as the manager of claims for Desjardins’ commercial partnerships, though he’s acted in many roles with Desjardins and State Farm over his career; […]


Let’s hope it doesn’t get there By DARRYL SIMMONS The response to my last column, “The Tipping Point” was a lot greater than I had expected. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Letters via email came from across the country and each one was saying the same thing. As a shop owner or manager, you […]


Your staff deserve air conditioning Would you want to work in a sauna? Probably not. As Canadians, we’re blessed to experience the four seasons: from the snowy, whiteout conditions in the winter months to the blazing hot storm-inducing temperatures of summer. As such, though, we are burdened with the responsibility of the HVAC. Believe it […]

A place to plant your roots

Cassie Rossen has helped build a business that sticks it out for the long-haul Story by MAX REID It can be hard to tell that you’ve hit your stride if you never look back on when you were crawling. The collision repair industry has changed a lot in the 21st century and, arguably, it’s better […]