Carrossier ProColor de l’Ouest de Laval announces expansion

Laval, Quebec — October 10, 2013 — Carrosserie Prud’homme has announced that it is expanding. A member of the Carrossier ProColor network since November 2012, Carrosserie Prud’homme recently acquired the premises adjacent to the facility. As part of the Carrossier ProColor network, the facility also operates as Carrossier ProColor de l’Ouest de Laval and is located at 808-B, rue Principale, in the Sainte-Dorothée sector of Laval, Que. 

Carrosserie Prud’homme in Laval, Que., part of the Carrossier ProColor network. The facility recently expanded after acquiring the premises next door.   
Bruno Prud’homme, owner of Carrosserie Prud’homme, is not new to the western part of Laval. Not only is it his place of birth and where he chose to raise a family of his own, but at the age of 22, Prud’homme started working at the collision repair facility he now owns. 
“My wife and I have long dreamed of starting our own family business. So, when the shop was put for sale, we didn’t hesitate one second to jump on the occasion,” says Prud’homme. 
That was in 2005. Today, in addition to being associates, Prud’homme and his wife, Louise Larouche, are pleased to count their two sons among their workforce. 
“One is a painter and the other, an estimator. It is a true opportunity and a great pleasure for us to work together,” he says. 
“Carrosserie Prud’homme is just like us. They have a strong family spirit,” says Mario Verret, Director of Business Development at Carrossier ProColor. “Their workshop is impeccable and we are thrilled that they have chosen to join our network.”   
While Louise Larouche is in charge of customer service and accounting, her husband manages the workshop.
“Being the owner of a collision repair centre doesn’t only consist of repairing vehicles,” he explains, “It also means taking care of the customers, making sure they are happy so that they return and recommend us to others.” 
Prud’homme and Larouche say they’re very satisfied with their choice to join the network. 
“We can feel the strength of the network. There is a real sense of family,” says Prud’homme. “Everyone is proud to be a Carrossier ProColor. Also, we can easily stay in contact with other owners. We feel less alone.”  
For more information on Carrossier ProColor, please visit carrossier-procolor.com. Carrossier ProColor is a proud member of CSN Collision & Glass.   

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