Can you believe this?!- October 25, 2018

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — October 25, 2018 –- This week Collision Repair has some unbelievable new stories that we couldn’t wait to share. A cow wandering around a dealership, an angry cyclist, and a famous actor going through a toll booth with a McLaren 720 S, plus much more!

Interrupting cow

The strangest occurrence happened in Scotland last week when a cow, Morag, escaped her cattle farm and somehow wandered off into a Mazda dealership. She was able to enter using the automatic doors, but when she realized those doors wouldn’t open again for her to leave she began to panic. In a rage, the cow ran up and down the showroom causing $2,000 worth of damage. She was eventually captured, and the livestock dealer apologized to the dealership with a bottle of whiskey and the money to compensate for the damages.


Angry cyclist

An angry cyclist was caught on a dash cam causing £1,500 worth of damage in London, England during rush-hour traffic.The altercation started after the cyclist had accused the driver of impeding him as they crossed a busy intersection next to a bus station. The cyclist then banged on the side of the car with his fist. When the vehicle pulled over to see what the problem was, the cyclist smashed his bike on the roof of a £56,000 Mercedes Viano SUV. The good news was that the dash cam was able to prove to the driver’s insurer that the cyclist was at fault and allowed the driver to claim back the cost of repairs.


No plates for Ice-T

Ice-T, the well-known celebrity actor who stars in Law and Order: Special Victim Unit, was arrested but released on Wednesday for a toll evasion. He was driving a McLaren 720S without plates and approached the George Washington bridge’s E-ZPass-only lanes without an E-ZPass on the New Jersey-side and then was pulled over.  He was reportedly charged with theft of services, issued a summon for not having plates and registration but was released on his own recognizance.  Ice-T took the incident to Twitter, tweeting that it was “a little extra.”


Falling stars challenge

With the power of social media these days, there is always new trends or challenges hitting the web. To think back there was the cinnamon challenge to the Kiki challenge and now there’s the “falling stars challenge.” This one blew up in Russia and is now hitting up China. The trend involves wealthy internet users posting photos of themselves face down with their possessions scattered around them, after apparently having fallen down a flight of stairs or out of a sports car. The point of this trend is for these users to show off their luxury goods. However, this trend is causing some disruption. Two women in Zhejiang have been fined for disrupting traffic while posing for the challenge. In Shanghai, a woman who posed falling out of an Aston Martin was fined $28.


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