Proposed bill looks to reform Ontario towing

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — October 25, 2018 —A motion has been made by MPP Gila Martow in regards to the Accessible Parking and Towing Industry Review Committee Act, 2018.

If passed the bill would create a committee responsible for issues such as provincial towing licensing, training and consumer protection; all of which have been on the agenda of CAA and its members and contractors.

“CAA SCO supports Bill 39, and encourages MPPs from every party at Queen’s Park to also support this legislation during second reading in the legislature,” said Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president of government and community relations at CAA South Central Ontario.

“The bill will help to design a single provincial framework that will assist small businesses in their operations, and protect consumers,” says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president, of government and community relations at CAA South Central Ontario.”

CAA has been actively working with stakeholders and government officials to review and reform the towing industry. This past summer CAA introduced the Towing Bill of Rights to educate Ontario motorists of the rules and regulations that protect consumers and regulate towing in the province.

The initiative was created in response to a lack of consumer knowledge on their rights when requiring a tow or roadside assistance. CAA’s advocacy efforts have been instrumental in identifying that more work is needed to be done in order to properly protect consumers. Bill 39 is what the company views as the right step towards achieving that goal.

“Bill 39 provides an opportunity to discuss challenges that the towing industry faces in Ontario, from repetitive and redundant costs to inconsistencies between municipalities. Establishing a provincial framework will help to ensure the viability of the towing industry, assisting motorists in their time of need,” said Di Felice.




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