A British Columbia-based religious leader is continuing on his crusade against ICBC’s oppressive policies toward certain religious headwear, arguing that it is not up to a government corporation to test his faith. Gary Smith of Grand Forks is the Captain of B.C.’s Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and, as such, says he should be allowed to wear his traditional religious headwear, a pirate tricorn, in his driver’s license photo. Followers of the Pastafarian religion have been known to wear tricorn hats and pasta colanders as symbols of their faith. Smith says he was allowed to wear his pirate hat in ID photos for both his marriage commissioner and firearms acquisition licenses, but ICBC was proving a tougher nut to crack. After his initial Feb. 17 driver’s license photo submission wearing the hat, Smith received the following response from ICBC’s manager of driver licensing integrity and oversight, Mario Bourdages. “The head covering you wore on Feb. 17, 2022, which is the same brown tricorn hat you have worn on previous occasions for driver’s licence photo applications, was again deemed unacceptable for the purpose of printing on a B.C. driver’s licence, B.C. identification or BC Services Card.”


Alberta RCMP are confused after a video showing a man riding atop a vehicle’s roof for a full six kilometres surfaced in early May. Based on the video of the incident, an Alberta homeowner approached a vehicle on his property and walked up to investigate. Following a brief conversation, the driver of the Honda Civic allegedly drove toward the man, striking him and sending him sprawling across the car’s roof. The Civic then drove a full six kilometres from the man’s house—gripping for dear life, surely—before the man was thrown from the roof of the vehicle. The victim was taken to hospital but, thankfully, suffered no injuries.


Have you ever wondered who holds the record for most donuts done on ice? Yeah, we haven’t either—but the answer, if you’re curious, is stunt driver Terry Grant, who performed a suspicious 69 donuts in a Porsche Taycan this February. The feat occurred at the 2022 Race of Champions in Pitea, Sweden, and was recorded as the Guinness World Record for most consecutive donuts on ice. While the second attempt was a success, Grant’s first attempt was foiled when the Porsche loses power due to the Taycan’s safety sensor being covered in snow. For Grant, though, the real challenge was the ice. “We were chewing through the ice with the studded tires, and a large hole was appearing. And that was making it very difficult for me to stay concentrated and in the right place. I kept dropping in and out of the hole. It made it extremely hard. But I’m very pleased,” he said.


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