Can-Packed: Car filled with cans gets ticketed by police

Waubaushene, Ontario — If you can guess the number of cans that are in this vehicle, you unfortunately won’t win anything, but the driver of this can-filled car was awarded with a $130 ticket for their impressive collection.

In early August, the can-packed automobile was stopped at a ride check-in Waubaushene, Ont., by the Ontario Provincial Police. 

Police considered the loose cans as an “insecure load,” and the driver was ticketed. However, according to Driving.ca, the cans weren’t the only problem, the driver also had a suspended license. 

Luckily another person with a valid license was able to squeeze themselves into the vehicle, so, they were able to drive the vehicle after the “load was secured.”

Although police commended the environmentally friendly motivation behind the misdemeanor, they weren’t as pleased with the way the driver went about it. 

“Recycling is good, but driving with an insecure load is dangerous,” the police said on Twitter.


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