BMW’s Blessings: OEM updates carbon fibre part ordering process

Toronto, Ontario — BMW’s July 26 bulletin outlined a new ordering and approval process for certain carbon fibre parts “to ensure the repair facility purchasing the restricted part is properly equipped and trained to perform the repair.”

The request process for carbon fibre parts now requires supplying the parts dealer with photos of the VIN sticker, photos of the damaged parts being replaced and a copy of the repair estimate along with the repair facility name, address, phone and email address.

BMW will then assess the request to determine if the facility has the requisite tools and training to work on the part.

National collision program manager Jon Inzano said that a facility does not need to be a part of the BMW Certified Collision Repair Center program to be approved to receive parts, but the facility must have completed “certain BMW Body & Paint training courses as well as possess the necessary required tools for the repair.”

BMW uses carbon fibre in body components for the BMW 7 Series, and it was used in the BMW i8 sports car and in the electric BMW i3 model, with the entire passenger cell made of carbon fibre.


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