CAA’s Seniors Driving Portal targets road safety for seniors

Ottawa, Ontario — February 19, 2014 — CAA is excited to announce the launch of its new multimedia web tool designed to help seniors stay safe behind the wheel.

The CAA Seniors Driving Portal incorporates information from the Canadian Medical Association’s driver’s guide, as well as insights and recommendations from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists.

CAA research shows that 47 percent of Canadians are concerned about the safety of an aging family member on the road and around 66 percent of senior drivers see the need for online tools to help them stay safe on the road. With the CAA Seniors Driving Portal, seniors and their loved ones will be able to evaluate driving skills, learn about changing abilities, and if necessary, modify driving habits.

This new web portal contains assessment tools to pinpoint areas of improvement, interactive infographics that help show common physical changes that affect driving, and videos with tips and reminders for managing challenging driving conditions.

“Canadian seniors are more active and more involved in their communities than ever before, so for us it is essential to provide easy access to resources and information that can help maintain and encourage those specific qualities,” says Christina Hlusko, President and CEO of CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO). “Through the Seniors Driving Portal we are hoping to engage seniors and their families and help them have the discussion about this sensitive topic.”

The good news is that half of seniors have already taken at least one step to adjust their driving habits, such as reducing or eliminating driving at night, but CAA research shows there is need for more information concerning age-related changes that affect driving. For instance, only three percent of seniors know that by age 60 the average person needs three times as much light to see as they did at age 20. CAA’s information on age-related changes includes an interactive light tool that demonstrates changes in vision as we age. In addition, the portal’s driving-at-night infographic and video offers tips and advice for dealing with physical change.

The CAA poll is based on a sample size of 1,133 with the probability sample yielding a margin of error of +/-3.1 percent, 19 times out of 20.

CAA is a federation of nine clubs providing six million members with emergency roadside service, complete automotive and travel services, member savings and comprehensive insurance services. CAA also advocates on issues of concern to its members, including road safety, the environment, mobility, infrastructure and consumer protection.

For detailed information on the wide range of services available with CAA North & East Ontario, please visit www.caaneo.ca. To learn more about the Seniors Driving Portal, please visit SeniorsDriving.caa.ca.


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