Gray Tools Canada donates $3,500 to breast cancer research

Gray Tools President Gary Nuttall with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Anthony Miceli.  

Brampton, Ontario — February 19, 2014 — Gray Tools Canada has donated $3,500 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The funds were raised through the auction of nine limited edition pink tools chests, signed by company chairman, Alex Gray. The auctions were held during the months of November and December 2013, and received more than 50 bids per chest on eBay. The donation was announced on January 29, 2014.

“The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation plays an important role in raising awareness and funding research for a disease that affects tens of thousands of people across the country every year,” says Gray. “Gray Tools is proud of being able to help the CBCF in its efforts through the auctions of our pink tool chests. Our customers and employees are delighted to be able to help fight for a cure to this disease.”

Each of the breast cancer pink tool chests sold for more than their face value thanks to the generous bids of Gray Tools customers. The disease affects an estimated 24,000 Canadians every year but through CBCF-led efforts to raise awareness and promote breast cancer research, the lives of those affected by the disease are improving.

To learn more about breast cancer and the associated research, please visit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at CBCF.org.

For additional information on Gray Tools, you can find the company online at GrayTools.com.


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