Brant County Collision~CSN joins CSN Collision & Glass

Mississauga, Ontario — February 3, 2014 — CSN Collision & Glass has announced its newest location in Brantford, Ont., Brant County Collision ~ CSN. 
The business first started out in 1980 as a successful car dealership. The original owner, Dave Hulburt, passed ownership rights to his two sons Mike and Eric Hurlburt. Together Mike and Eric run the business as both a successful dealership and state-of-the-art collision repair facility. 
“Our business principles allow for us to give total in-house customer service to all of our customers,” according to a statement from the Hurlburts. “We have a winning team of hard working individuals who have a strong understanding of the nature of this business and always put our customers’ needs and feelings first. One of the things we find most challenging is maintaining tight key to key touch times. However, this challenge also motivates us to maintain short cycle times and keep all of our clients satisfied.”  
Like all of the players in this industry, the staff at Brant County Collision ~ CSN face daily challenges. This is the kind of customer centric vision that the Brant County ~ CSN team strives to preserve. 
A great partnership is like a mirror. Great partners always mirror each other in terms of their vision and mission in whatever it is that they do.
“The underlying reason why we joined CSN comes down to the fact that we share the same vision. With every step that we 
take to fulfill our daily visions, CSN takes a step with us.”  
CSN Collision & Glass would like to welcome Mike and Eric Hurlburt and their staff at Brant County Collision~CSN to the CSN family. For more information, please visit csninc.ca

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