GFS’ Aluminum Repair Stations in Ford F-150 Collision Repair Program

Osseo, Wisconsin — February 3, 2014 — Global Finishing Solutions has announced the inclusion of itsAluminum Repair Stations in Ford Motor Company’s 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program.

Three models of GFS Aluminum Repair Stations have been officially approved as part of the new Ford F-150 collision repair program.
GFS’ Aluminum Repair Isolation Station features heavy-duty curtains with weld-view protection options. GFS’ Aluminum Repair Station expands on the Isolation Station design and features a lighted ceiling for a shadow-free work area. GFS’ Aluminum Repair Station Plus enhances the Station design even further and features semi-downdraft airflow for enhanced functionality for a variety of shop repair tasks.
GFS Aluminum Repair Stations are designed to provide a safe, enclosed area in which to repair aluminum frame vehicles without risk of cross-contamination from other shop processes. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, GFS Aluminum Repair Stations will meet the needs of any shop repairing aluminum frame vehicles like the new Ford F-150.
For more information, please visit globalfinishing.com

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