Body Shop Nation releases “community-based” program for shop marketing

Scottsdale, Arizona — January 20, 2014

Body Shop Nation is releasing what the company says is the first community-based program for collision repair shops. The system includes a stand-a-lone customer relation management system that Body Shop Nation says will allow collision shops to directly communicate with customers that haven’t walked through the door yet.

We provide the collision industry the only plug-and-play service, email and marketing system available. We understand body shop owners don’t have time to learn new systems and marketing is an overwhelming job for any business, says Don Miller, CEO of Body Shop Nation.
Company founders Diane and Don Miller worked within the insurance industry, marketing and body shop management. Watching industry changes they saw that many shops struggle because they are constantly spending time and money on trying to find the next accident. This does not create any loyalty between a customer and a shop and there is no way to directly communicate with them once they are gone. 
Body Shop Nation says it uses the community, the Internet and social media to help a shop get results. Body Shop Nation’s system lets the shop create a customer list as well as have the ability to update the repair status of customers who are in the shop. Shops can send individual emails or a single email to everyone to cultivate relationships. The company says the system is simple, allowing shops to communicate with the customers in the way they want, and the system helps collision shops leverage local networks using proprietary systems and strategies to build brand community awareness and maximize profits.
Body Shop Nation is not just a system for the shops themselves. The company also provides the consumer with a directory containing shops in the area with shop profiles. 
We believe in supporting our local businesses because they give back to the community, says Miller.
For more information, please visit bodyshopnation.com/bodyshops.

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