Big Bucks: Tesla Model 3 receives $34.5M in rebates following disqualification from federal iZEV program

Ottawa, Ontario – Over the past six months, the Tesla Model 3 stands as the most incentivized ZEV (zero-emission vehicle) – the same timeframe that the vehicle lost its rebate eligibility in Canada’s zero-emission incentive program.

According to Automotive News Canada, this discrepancy comes from the orders being placed before the price change, leaving Tesla with thousands of orders waiting to be fulfilled – 6,890 orders, leaving it as the most popular incentivized ZEV. This exceeds numbers for the second to fifth most popular vehicles, totaling 6,383.

Data from Transport Canada shows that most Model 3 deliveries arrived between February and March, with another 1,145 arriving in May. Effectively, these rebates are being delivered for a disqualified vehicle because they were ordered before its disqualification.

To qualify for Canada’s ZEV incentive program, the consumer must purchase a zero-emission vehicle. Passenger cars must have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) below $55,000 to qualify for an incentive up to $5,000.

Since Tesla’s price hike in December 2021, the Model 3 was sold for an MSRP of $59,990, placing it healthily outside the program’s eligibility, according to Nora Manthey at Electrive.


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