Autonomous vehicles, scans on the slate for CCIF Montreal

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Ottawa, Ontario — April 21, 2016 — The next meeting of the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) takes place in Montreal, Quebec on May 27, 2016. Registration is now open for the event taking place at Hotel Omni Mont-Royal in Montreal.

Presentations at the Montreal meeting will be in both English and French and will have simultaneous translations on dual screens.  From just a few of the presentations, we can already tell that this meeting will have a lot to offer. First up is David Adams, President of Global Automakers of Canada, who will look at the upcoming arrival of automated vehicles. Adams will also dig into just how much this new technology may disrupt existing industries.

His presentation will look at realistic timeframes for fully automated vehicles to arrive. The challenges and disruptions arising from the more widespread automation of the personal vehicle will be considered as well. 

Patrice Marcil, Learning & Development Director for Axalta Coating Systems, will also present at CCIF Montreal. Marcil will explore what is being taught in collision repair programs across the country, and how it stacks up against what is required and expected by the industry. The central questions addressed will be if the schools have kept up with technological changes, and if are they able to provide the industry with the skilled workforce needed.

The panel discussion also promises to be fascinating. Titled “Scanning vehicles: A reality check,” the panel will look at what is really happening in the market. Moderator Joe Carvalho, CCIF Chairman, will share some statistics from a variety of industry stakeholders on the number of scans being requested on estimates in the market today.

For more information, visit ccif.ca/event/ccif-montreal-2016.


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