Assured Automotive holds Touch Time Challenge

Celebrating at the PPG MVP Conference. From left: Kyle Faith, Jason Ryan, Brian Martins, Bill Buckley, Desmond D'Silva and Simon Brunet.

By Mike Davey

Mississauga, Ontario — April 29, 2016 — A little friendly competition goes a long way. That was part of the idea behind the Assured Automotive Touch Time Challenge.

Assured Automotive is a multi-store operator (MSO) with over 60 locations throughout Ontario. Recently, the organization leveled a challenge to every facility manager in its organization to hit certain metrics. The top performers in each size category would accompany Assured’s head office staff to the PPG MVP Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The winning managers were Kyle Faith, Jason Ryan and Brian Martins. Their facilities each achieved a minimum of 3.5 hours per day touch time, met or exceeded sales targets, achieved a customer satisfaction index of at least 9.3 and kept cycle time to under eight days.

Bill Buckley is part of the team at Assured Automotive’s head office and was present at the conference with the winners, along with Desmond D’Silva, CEO of Assured Automotive, and Simon Brunet, who is in charge of day-to-day operations for Assured’s Ottawa locations.

“Assured Automotive has a very keen focus on touch time. As an organization, our goal is to achieve four hour touch time across the board,” he says. “This challenge was to encourage a little healthy competition between the facilities in our network and help keep people engaged. It really helps to keep everyone focused on meeting and exceeding the goals that we’ve set as an organization.”

The PPG MVP Conference has a lot to offer in terms of professional development and education, but Assured Automotive also sweetened the reward a bit.

“We brought Kyle, Jason and Brian down a few days early to play some golf and enjoy the sights,” says Buckley.

For more information on Assured Automotive, please visit assuredauto.ca.


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