Appetite for Destruction: Rezvani Vengeance armoured car goes viral on family vehicle TikTok channel

Montana, United States — Move over Inkas, there’s a new player in the armoured vehicle market. Suburban parents looking for the latest in luxury combat cars can look forward to Rezvani’s Vengeance SUV, starting at US$285,000.

The vehicle is best showcased in a viral video by Mobile Mama, a TikTok channel specializing in quick reviews of family vehicles.

The video has clocked in 5.7 million views at the time of publishing, and showcases a variety of comfort features you might expect in a luxury SUV: cupholders, heated leather seats, air conditioning and a curved OLED display.

Those with a military  background may be bemused to learn about the vehicle’s steel ram bumper, blinding lights, smoke screen emitters and strobe lights: features perfect for the silver screen, but not the real world.

While the civilian armoured vehicle market has cornered its niche market in civilian VIP protection by security agencies and the ultra-wealthy, real-world tested vehicles like the Huron and Mercedes G63 AMG typically run for twice the cost of the Vengeance.

Vice News goes even further, suggesting that the Vengeance is aimed at American suburbanites, following the footsteps of the Hummer and H2 in adopting battlefield aesthetics without the functionality of a real-world workhorse.

While there is nothing wrong with purchasing military-themed vehicles, be warned these are commercial offerings for the civilian market, and probably lack the ruggedization to survive the apocalypse.


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