Accident Insights: OPP say collisions down for 2020, but fatalities up

Ottawa, Ontario ⁠— The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have released collision and fatality data for 2020, showing a decline in total collisions for the province but an increase in fatalities.

Last year saw 26 percent fewer collisions than 2019, though the fatality rate was 22 percent higher. 

A large number of deaths were deemed preventable and attribute to careless and dangerous driving behaviours. Sixty-two deaths were linked to speeding, 51 to alcohol/drug use and 45 to drier inattention. Failure to wear a seat belt contributed to 55 driver/passenger deaths.

In 2020, Ontario saw:

  • 285 fatal road collisions, compared to 304 in 2019
  • 305 fatalities, compared to 335 in 2019
  • 55,581 collisions, compared to 75,128 in 2019

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