Flooding the Market: Concerns raised over surplus of illegal imports in Mexican used market

Toronto, Ontario — The director of an organization representing Mexico’s auto parts industry has spoken out with concerns about his government’s handling of illegally imported used vehicles, as well as new policies that could hurt the local vehicle sales market. Alberto Bustamante, director of Mexico’s National Parts Industry (INA), spoke to reporters from Reuters about […]

Merry Christmas from Collision Repair mag

Santa’s Workshop, North Pole — You better be closed tomorrow. Seriously–take a day off! In all seriousness, we hope the entire Collision Repair mag audience has a blessed holiday. Take some time today to be grateful; for your family, your friends and your home–even for that pesky write-off you’ll have to handle in the new year. […]


Unless you speak up, the status quo will never change. The Canadian Council of Collision Repairers is ready to be your voice. BY DARRYL SIMMONS There’s nothing more exciting than getting together a group of shop owners and managers. Collision repair shop owners and operators sure are a passionate group. Since we first started talking […]

Can You Believe This?! Christmas Edition

Toronto, Ontario — The big day is nearly here! Why not celebrate the last day before holidays with Collision Repair’s Can You Believe This: Special Christmas Edition!