Continued Service: Hunter Engineering earns veteran-owned recognition by National Veteran Business Development Council

Toronto, Ontario — Hunter Engineering has been certified as a veteran-owned business by the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC), with the company president expressing his pride for the veterans at work in almost every department of the company.

According to a press release on Nov. 22, the company was founded in 1946 by Second World War veteran, Lee Hunter, Jr., and is currently owned by Vietnam War veteran, Stephen Brauer. Over its 76 year history, the organization has always remained veteran-owned.

NVBDC is a veteran-owned business certification organization formed to certify veteran-owned companies, ensuring that documentation exists for veteran status, ownership and operational control.

“Hunter’s veteran-owned status is old news, but it’s important to recognize,” said Beau Brauer, Hunter president. “We’re also extremely proud of the veterans who work in almost every department at Hunter.”

For more information, visit Hunter.com or email contact.hunter@hunter.com.


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