No Stunting in Sask: Saskatchewan allows immediate suspension for stunt drivers

Regina, Saskatchewan — The government of Saskatchewan has announced that they are tightening up The Traffic Safety Act in order to allow police to immediately suspend driver’s licences and impound vehicles if a driver is charged with stunting, racing, or excessive speeding.  “This is the first step in strengthening the penalties for stunting and racing […]

Rivian on Board: Rivian joins CIECA as new corporate member

Toronto, Ontario — CIECA has an exciting new addition in EV automaker Rivian, who has just joined the organization as a corporate partner. Executives at Rivian say they are excited to partner with an industry leader in vehicle data advocacy. “We are excited to join CIECA as the newest EV OEM to market, bringing attention […]

Top of the Class: Hyundai lineup 98 percent AEB-equipped, two years ahead of deadline

Toronto, Ontario — Like the kid in class that somehow got their science project done a week early, Hyundai is showing off as among the first automakers to equip nearly all of their vehicles with automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. Beating the industry deadline by two years, 98 percent of all Hyundai vehicles produced this […]