Rivian on Board: Rivian joins CIECA as new corporate member

Toronto, Ontario — CIECA has an exciting new addition in EV automaker Rivian, who has just joined the organization as a corporate partner.

Executives at Rivian say they are excited to partner with an industry leader in vehicle data advocacy.

“We are excited to join CIECA as the newest EV OEM to market, bringing attention to the latest vehicle technology, and promoting terminology adoption/evolution,” said Brandon Chittenden, senior collision estimation analyst for Rivian.

“We joined CIECA because the organization recognizes the importance of establishing, maintaining and bettering industry terminology, data exchange standards, and actively participating with other OEMs to efficiently promote the movement of data.”

Chittenden said the company is looking forward to exchanging ideas with some of the industry’s top minds of vehicle data technology.

“Rivian comes to the CIECA table with an open mind, eyes to the latest vehicle trends, ears that are eager to learn from and understand industry stakeholders—insurers, repairers, part suppliers, diagnosticians, fleets, and other OEMs,” he said.

Rivian was founded in 2009, is privately held and employs more than 6,000 employees globally.


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