No Stunting in Sask: Saskatchewan allows immediate suspension for stunt drivers

Regina, Saskatchewan — The government of Saskatchewan has announced that they are tightening up The Traffic Safety Act in order to allow police to immediately suspend driver’s licences and impound vehicles if a driver is charged with stunting, racing, or excessive speeding. 

“This is the first step in strengthening the penalties for stunting and racing in Saskatchewan; our government also intends to increase the fines for these offences once the amendment has passed,” said Saskatchewan’s Minister of crown investments, Don Morgan. 

“As well, by better defining what constitutes racing and stunting, police can more easily enforce these offences, and put a stop to these dangerous behaviours.”

Other notable changes to The Traffic Safety Amendment Act, 2021, include:

  • Clarifying rules around road and speed signs in municipalities.
  • Clarifying that suspended drivers can legally drive to take part in SGI-mandated driver evaluations under approved supervision.

The legislation will take effect after it is passed in the Legislative Assembly and proclaimed, which is expected to happen during the spring sitting.



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