Push-start cars associated with increase in carbon monoxide deaths

Many vehicle models have introduced push-start ignitions that allow drivers to unlock the car, and even start the engine, with their key fob simply in range of the vehicle.

By Tabatha Johnson Toronto, Ontario — May 16, 2018 — Over the past decade, a subtle but important feature has been added to many vehicles: a push-button start. Most consumers would agree that the replacement of key-turn ignitions was a welcome one – push-starts are much more stylish after all. However, recent discussions on the […]

Martech releases Waterborne Breathable Air Combo system

Martech says its new air system can handle up to two painters at the same time.

 By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — May 16, 2018 — Martech Services Company has released a new air system.   Tom Wright, director of sales and marketing for Martech, says, “The Model 50-WB has all the features of a Quality Air Breathing System, Model 50 series system, plus the additional ability to lower the […]

CARSTAR, AkzoNobel and 3M host CARSTAR Day with Tropicana Employment Centre

Partnering with organizations like Tropicana Employment Centre and vendor partners like 3M and AkzoNobel only help CARSTAR in its objective to attract more youth to the industry, as it gives students a more well rounded understanding of what to expect.

By CRM Staff Hamilton, Ontario — May 16, 2018 — CARSTAR recently hosted its second annual CARSTAR Day in partnership with AkzoNobel, 3M and Tropicana Employment Centre.  Hosted at AkzoNobel’s Coating Center in Etobicoke, CARSTAR Day encompassed an overview of opportunities in the industries, training in estimates and some information on the importance of vehicle […]