You Pour, You Pay: MPI to eliminate third-party coverage for impaired drivers Aug. 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Manitoba’s public insurer won’t be cutting a break to impaired drivers anymore, announcing Tuesday that drivers found to be under the influence will no longer be eligible for third-party liability coverage following a collision.

Starting Aug. 1, if you drink, drive and crash in Manitoba, you can also add “pay” to that list, as pretty soon you will be on the hook for any damage to other vehicles or property.

Under these new rules, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) says it will initially cover the cost of damages from an impairment-related collision, as to guarantee victims receive compensation, before seeking repayment from the impaired driver.

“Our government is committed to holding impaired drivers accountable for damage caused by their actions and to keeping our roads safe for all Manitobans,” said Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen.

“Far too many people are killed and injured every year in collisions caused by impaired drivers. That’s why the government of Manitoba is pleased to announce that MPI now has the authority to recover costs for property or vehicle damage directly from these drivers.”

One in four fatal road accidents in Manitoba are linked to drug or alcohol impairment, which results in about 26 avoidable deaths every year, according to MPI data. This year has already seen seven deaths stemming from an impaired driving collision.


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