Without a Trace: Saskatchewan driver claims dream car missing, shows SGI stock photo as ‘proof’

Regina, Saskatchewan — There are plenty of ways drivers go about getting their dream cars. Some take the old-fashioned route and save their hard-earned cash; others bite the bullet and spontaneously pick up their dream vehicle hours after reading the Kijiji post. You could trade vehicles with a buddy or restore a classic to modern glory. If you’re the Saskatchewan driver featured in Saskatchewan Government Insurance’s (SGI) top five fraud claims of 2021, you could just fake it ’til your dream parks itself in your driveway.

“James”, a driver named in SGI’s Top 5 Fraud Claims of 2021, told the public insurer his classic car was stolen. When asked to produce receipts, financial information and recent photos of the vehicle, James came up empty-handed. When the man finally did submit a photo, SGI confirmed that picture to be a stock image from a vehicle in the U.S.

“Not to mention–neighbours and autobody shop staff who had supposedly worked on the car had no recollection of the vehicle,” wrote SGI. “And it’s not the kind of car you forget!”

All that’s left to wonder is what vintage classic James claimed to have lost.



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