Wisespray’s SEMA Plans: Car-Rep announces ‘Unlimited’ art showcase series

Las Vegas, Nevada — Car-Rep has exciting SEMA news, with the announcement that it is launching the “UNLIMITED” showcase series, featuring more than 50 contributions from artists, painters and makers in the automotive industry.

In addition to contributions from more than 40 well known artists and painters across the industry, pinstriping veteran Steve Chaszeyka will be painting live at UNLIMITED, showcasing 55 years of experience in pinstriping and airbrushing in front of a live SEMA audience.

UNLIMITED is a community effort open to artists, painters and makers from around the world with the aim of supporting younger artists with classes and allowing them to use any products they choose.

With more than 30 custom painters working on their craft live at the 2K garage, this is your chance to network and learn from other leading industry experts. If this sounds interesting, come by booth #32239 in the Upper South Hall and give Car-Rep, a subsidiary of Wisespray, a visit!

If you like the airbrushed artwork above, check out Steve’s account on TikTok



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