What Would You Do: Ford speared by metal pole at Acadian festival

Évangéline, Prince Edward Island – A festival volunteer ended his shift with a questionable call to his insurance provider, thanks to a metal pole sticking out of his vehicle’s trunk.

In an article first published by the CBC, Steve Powers was part of a volunteer group in the Évangéline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival, raising money for an upcoming baseball tournament where his son would be competing in. After a long shift of clean-up duty, Powers returned to his car after a workday beginning at 3:40 a.m. He found a metal pole, originally used to prop up temporary fencing,  protruding from the back of his car.

According to Powers and the festival organizers, there simply wasn’t enough security on site to control an event where alcohol was present. In addition to the car damage, two men were injured in what community members believe was a racially motivated attack.

How would you repair spear punctures in a customer’s car? Let us know in the comments below.



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