Welding the Way: CSN Owen Sound gets first Car-O-Liner VAS6755A in Canada

Owen Sound, Ontario — CSN Owen Sound (VR) has just expanded its toolkit to include the VAS6755A welding system.

The facility is the first shop in Canada to acquire the automatic spot welding system, which comes equipped with features thickness, a telescopic arm that adjusts both vertically and horizontally, and a lightweight ergo grip the gun with a 355-degree swivel handle that allows for more relaxed working positions for the tech.

Adam Sutherland, general manager at CSN Owen Sound, says it was the step in the right direction to get the new welding equipment into the shop. 

“We chose to install the VAS6755A as it was the newest, greatest and latest welder that was available with 16000 amps,” said Sutherland. “It was the most recently certified welder for VAS recognition and was the most compact, lightweight and maneuverable welding head available.”

The VAS6755A welding system can also record all welding data and has a coolant shut-off button for quick-change attachments.

Sutherland is looking forward to all of the doors their new welding system will open for them in the coming years.

“This will benefit our shop as it gives us multiple OEM certification opportunities, it provides the shop confidence that it will be supported and updated into the future,” said Sutherland.

CSN Owen Sound added to their existing Car-O-Liner equipment as well adding the EVO one, two and three Universal Anchoring System. With this new equipment, CSN will be able to get their VW certification to become Honda Pro First and Tesla certified.


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