Welcome to the Danger Zone: CAA South Central Ontario study finds unsafe driving prevalent within Ontario

Thornhill, Ontario– A new study by market research company DIG Insights has confirmed what a lot of drivers already know. It’s dangerous out there!

The report indicates that 98 percent of drivers surveyed reported that they had seen unsafe driving within the last year. This number is up three percent from the previous year.

This increase in reports of unsafe driving has also influenced feelings of safety on the road. Seventy-two percent of respondents have reported feeling unsafe on the roads in general. This represents a six percent from the previous year (2021).

The main issue for drivers is an increase in speeding on roads, followed by aggressive amd distracted driving.

“Ontario police services continue to report significant amounts of speeding, stunt and aggressive driving,” says CAA SCO community relations consultant Michael Stewart.

Dangerous behaviours are most often seen and reported on higher-speed roads, such as highways.

“It can be nerve-wracking when you come across a driver who is behaving this way,” says Stewart.

Despite the overwhelming prevalence of unsafe driving reported in the study, only 58 percent of respondents admitted to unsafe driving themselves. The most prevalent self-reported behaviour remains speeding at 43 percent, with distracted driving (17 percent), unsafe lane changes (eight percent) and aggressive (six percent) following behind.

“If you do come across a speeding or aggressive driver, the best thing you can do is stay calm, focus on your driving and do not engage with the other driver,” reminds Stewart.

So be careful out there, folks!

And always pay attention to the roads.


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