Walker and Wheel Watch: Volkswagen Front Assist update said to detect pedestrians, cyclists

Toronto, Ontario — Volkswagen is launching a new version of its Front Assist ADAS system designed to help drivers avoid bicycle and pedestrian collisions.

According to Volkswagen, prior versions of Front Assist used radar sensors built into the front of a vehicle to detect moving objects that could lead to a collision and could distinguish between a vehicle and a pedestrian. The newest version of Front Assist also employs the forward-facing camera to help identify and distinguish cyclists and pedestrians from other objects, not just directly in front of the car, but those traveling alongside it as well.

The features will be available as part of Volkswagen’s IQ.Drive feature on the 2022 Golf GTI and Golf R models.

“By using sensor fusion that combines the data from the camera and the radar, this technology can help detect pedestrians and cyclists who the driver may not see in front or alongside the vehicle,” said Izzuddeen Hack, Electronic Strategy Lead for Volkswagen Group of America. “That can give the driver more warning and our systems more intelligence about what’s happening to help avoid a potential crash”

As the system operates with radar, Volkswagen claims it can detect people and cyclists ahead of the vehicle in darkness or dusk that the driver might have inadvertently overlooked. If the system senses a pedestrian or cyclist could be in the vehicle’s path, Front Assist can activate the Forward Collison Warning system and in some cases provide Automatic Emergency Braking, said the automaker.



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