Wake Up Call: AIA asks for testimony on diagnostic data access

Toronto, Ontario – The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) is calling on the repair industry to testify on the importance of data access for repair and maintenance, providing a stronger case for when the federal government addresses right to repair in the coming months.

In an email to its members on Sept. 16, AIA Canada requested for examples from those facing barriers to access the necessary data for vehicle maintenance or repair, aimed at showcasing why the need for right to repair legislation, rather than voluntary compliance from OEMs.

In particular, they asked for testimonies to explain where these barriers were, how it impacted customers, their business and their employees.

Currently, the Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) is a voluntary agreement for between Canadian auto manufacturers, AIA Canada and the National Automotive Trades Association allowing for technicians to access diagnostic data from on-board diagnostics within the vehicle through hardwired access points.

However, AIA Canada argues that this agreement has been weakened by some manufacturers refusing to enter the agreement, and on-board diagnostic ports shifting to a wireless system that sends information directly to the OEM, while leaving aftermarket repairers with no way to access the data.

This effectively grants the OEM a total monopoly on vehicle data, restricting consumer freedom and the services independent repair shops can offer.

As of 2022, right to repair remains a petition in Canada, rather than legally binding legislation.  Only one American state has passed right to repair legislation, while another 25 have proposals at work. The United Kingdom, European Union and Australia have laws affirming the right to repair.

To share your story, reach out to AIA’s senior director of government relations, Alana Baker, at alana.baker@aiacanada.com.


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