Volks-Reality: Volkswagen gives VR training demo at SkillsCanada event

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Volkswagen is exploring virtual reality (VR) training delivery to educate collision repair students on the automaker’s technology, repairing mixed materials, joining techniques, electric vehicle repairs and more. 

During Thursday’s SkillsCanada Automotive Technology Summit, Volkswagen collision repair program manager Scott Wideman delivered a demonstration and discussion of the automaker’s endeavours in VR training. 

The demo featured two videos: the first documenting a battery repair on a 2020 Volkswagen e-Tron, and the second featuring body repair technology with mixed material substrates and joining techniques.

Wideman said the OEM has already launched its VR battery repair concept training for Audi technicians and it is working to someday introduce VR welding training.

“The VR program will allow [students] to see what speed they are welding at, what the weld penetration is, the quality of the weld, so they can maintain that skill and develop it further,” he said.

“Think of the impact and what it would mean for technicians in the field; that we could actually develop and maintain skills in the shops without having to travel.”

Throughout the presentation, Wideman stressed the technical expertise required in modern collision repair. 

“The vehicles of today are becoming much more software-driven. It requires very technical expertise,” said Wideman. “For example, the navigation and infotainment system in next year’s Golf has more than 20 million lines of software code, just in those two systems.

We need the students of today⁠—who are already very technologically-savvy⁠—to join us. The future is bright for anyone looking for a rewarding career in autobody repair that will challenge your skill set all the time.”


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