VIP List: New requirements for OPP-affiliated tow operators

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario Provincial Police has announced that they are launching a new towing program, separate from the GTA Tow Zone Pilot, to update how the police request services from tow operators.

By Nov. 1, Ontario Tow and Storage Service Operators (TSSO) interested in providing tow and storage services to the OPP (e.g. vehicle impoundment for impaired driving, stunt driving, or evidence) must submit an application to their local OPP detachment.

The application requires TSSOs to disclose information relating to ownership, registration, license, vehicle, equipment, insurance, as well as submit to a criminal background check.

The OPP did specify, however, that tow operators working within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area are exempt from this towing program, and will be regulated by the Tow Zone pilot.

They are encouraging anyone with questions related to the Tow Zone Pilot to direct them to the Ministry of Transportation.


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