VIDEO: Polyvance shows how to profit from repair on hidden pieces

The video shows details for repairs to the intercooler for a Ford Escape Eco Boost. Polyvance says the techniques can be used on many other parts found under the hood.
By CRM Staff
Rainsville, Alabama — April 30, 2017 — A new video from Polyvance has an intriguing title: Profiting from Plastic Repair on Hidden Pieces. According to a note from company President Kurt Lammon accompanying the video, “One of the many additional benefits to plastic repair using nitrogen plastic welding in your shop is the ability to repair unseen plastic components under the hood for little cost.”
The video shows how the intercooler for a Ford Escape Eco Boost has a piece chipped off of the side. Using a two-part epoxy is out of the question due to the tightness of the repair area. 
The Polyvance video demonstrates the process of repairing this piece in great detail. According to Polyvance, the same techniques can be used on many other plastic repairs, particularly on parts found under the hood. 
You can check out the video in the player below. 

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