Valspar Automotive introduces De Beer Low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat


Minneapolis, Minnestoa — March 25, 2014 — De Beer Refinish has introduced a new Low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat. According to the company, this new clear coat marks another significant advancement in refinish technology. 

“The speed and quality of the product was designed for collision repair centres seeking to increase their paint shop productivity without compromising the finish quality,” says Peter Willman, General Manager, Valspar Automotive, North America. 
The new 80-404 Low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat and our 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat specifically engineered for use with the De Beer 500 and 900 Series basecoats. These production clear coats offer unmatched performance with superior flow, leveling and gloss, while being among the most affordable products in the market. 
The 80-404 and 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coats apply with seamless wet-on-wet application, requiring no flash time between coats. 
“Our clear coats were created with the painter in mind,” says Willman. “Not only will they dry to a gleaming finish, but are also quick to be dust free, allowing removal from the booth in as little as 10 minutes. The refinish technician or detail department can begin any needed nib sand and buff operations in as little as 30 minutes.” 
De Beer Refinish says the new 80-404 Low VOC Air Dry Clear Coat and 1-404 Air Dry Clear Coat aid the repair process by drastically reducing cycle times while also decreasing operation cost with a reduction in bake cycles. 
More information about De Beer Refinish can be found at de-beer.com. For additional information about Valspar Automotive visit valsparauto.com.

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