Urethane Supply Company unveils new product to secure plastic parts while welding


Rainsville, Alabama — May 27, 2014 — Urethane Supply Company’s new 6070 Bumper Mate Plastic Repair Workstation is designed to hold bumpers, headlights, and other plastic parts solidly in place during repair operations. The company says bumpers are especially difficult to hold on the common “X-stands”, and horizontal surfaces big enough to hold a bumper are at a premium in most collision repair facilities. Urethane Supply Company says the portable, foldable Bumper Mate provides a solution to this problem.

According to Urethane Supply Company, the Bumper Mate is custom-designed to allow one person to easily clamp a bumper in virtually any position, do the prep work, and weld it, making repairs in even the most awkward positions easy. Face up, face down, right-side up or right-side down; the company says the Bumper Mate can hold the bumper rock-solid during repair operations. 
The company says that, along with making the job easier, the 6070 Bumper Mate Plastic Repair Workstation also saves the technician time and money. Because the Bumper Mate holds the plastic part solidly, the technician can be more productive and focus on repairing the plastic. There is no wasted labour because the technician doesn’t have to ask for help in holding parts. 
For more information on the 6070 Bumper Mate Plastic Repair Workstation, please call 800-633-3047 or visit urethanesupply.com.

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