Unifor launches Super Bowl ad

By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario – January 31, 2019 –- Unifor is upping the ante in their protest campaign against General Motors.

The Canadian trade union will be launching a Super Bowl advertisement this Sunday urging consumers to boycott the manufacturer’s Mexican-made vehicles.

“Canadian consumers have the power to choose which products they buy,” said Unifor National president Jerry Dias. “We will do everything we can to show people how to tell GM they will not purchase vehicles made in Mexico from a company that is putting thousands of Canadians out of work.”

The commercial will be broadcasted in both English and French during Sunday’s big game.

A second advertisement, which urges consumers to take an online pledge not to buy GM vehicles made in Mexico, will also air this weekend. The commercial not only condemns the manufacturer for its betrayal of local workers but also explains to consumers how to identify where a vehicle was made by using the Vehicle Identification Number.

In addition to the Super Bowl, both ads will run on high-visibility programs including the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards and during commercial breaks on NHL hockey games.

Unifor continues to run full-page ads in Canadian Newspapers including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post, as a part of its strategy to pressure GM into reversing its plan to close the Oshawa Assembly Plant.

“Canadians understand that GM has gone too far and the corporation must build a more balanced manufacturing footprint across Canada, the US, and Mexico, and ending the exploitation of Mexican workers. That is why we are taking this stand against GM’s corporate greed,” said Dias.



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