Unhappy Accidents: ICBC Adjuster error costs Port Alberni family thousands in lost income and deductibles

Port Alberni, British Columbia — A Port Alberni, B.C. family says they are out thousands of dollars after their truck was hit by a stolen vehicle, causing them to be unable to operate their business while owing $1,000 in deductibles to ICBC.

While travelling home to Port Alberni from Nanaimo with their children, the couple’s truck was hit by a truck departing from a gas station. While receiving medical treatment, they said that the other driver simply walked away and began hitchhiking, with a later investigation revealing that the truck was stolen.

This began what the couple described as the frustrating part of their ordeal—dealing with ICBC to get a replacement rental truck so they could continue operating their landscaping business and getting their vehicle repaired.

Additionally, the couple says the truck provided by ICBC was too small, costing them thousands in lost income from being unable to operate their business.

According to CHEK News, ICBC says the family had the appropriate insurance but claims that an adjuster made a mistake by telling customers that the optional collision deductible of $1,000 was waived.

“That was incorrect and we sincerely apologize for that error. They will have to pay that deductible to activate their collision coverage,” said Greg Harper, an ICBC spokesperson.

On the bright side, they have accessed free physiotherapy and massage services, courtesy of ICBC’s no-fault system.

ICBC’s no-fault insurance system was implemented in 2021, and saw the removal of the right of the injured party to file a lawsuit for damages and loss of wages, mitigating legal costs and claiming to save drivers as much as $400 a year.


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