Undervalued Work: Blending takes 31.6 percent more labour and receives 50 percent less compensation than total refinish, says SCRS data

Toronto, Ontario – Think its harder to blend several colours and tones on a panel compared to a single colour? You’re probably right, and new data from the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)’s contradicts the belief of some OEMs that blending can be completed in half the time as creating a new coat.

On Oct. 30, five North American coating companies presented study findings at the Collision Industry Conference (CIC), where they concluded that on average, blending took 31.6 percent more time than a full refinish.

The study results conclude that the existing 50 percent formula may not accurately represent the difference between the two tasks, which reduces the compensation for labour and materials during a refinishing.

According to the SCRS, blending an adjacent panel to a replaced or repaired panel is necessary for colour matching, and recommended by all major automotive refinishing companies in North America.

Currently, Audatex, CCC/MOTOR and Mitchell consider the labour of blending a two-stage refinish equivalent to the work of half a full panel refinish.


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