Under Your Nose: GM repair bulletin warns of subtle sensor obstructions, false collision warnings

Toronto, Ontario — Car giving you false collision warnings and you don’t know why? Take a peek at how that license plate is sitting in its frame—are bent corners obscuring the sensors beneath? That might be your answer, according to a recent bulletin posted to General Motors’ Techlink repair portal.

In a recent post to the OEM’s technician-facing repair database, a case was outlined where a vehicle sent to a dealership for repairs issued multiple false collision reports despite there being nothing placed in front of the vehicle.

Technicians soon determined that the false reports were the result of a bent license plate interfering with the line-of-sight of the vehicle’s front view camera.

Techlink recommends responding to a false collision warning with a visual inspection of the vehicle to determine if there are any physical obstructions to the proper function of the various cameras and sensors located on GM models.

“Always check for any vehicle damage that could affect camera or sensor operation. For object detection and braking systems on the rear of the vehicle, common items such as a hitch receiver or bike rack also may result in unwanted object detection,” read a portion of the Techlink post.


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