Under Pressure: Tesla owner reports damaged frame was ‘painted over’

Berlin, Germany – “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”, the old kids’ phrase and superstition goes.

Fortunately, for children worldwide, if a crack appears on a Tesla vehicle, they’re likely to simply paint over it.

A Tesla Model 3 owner reports that their car’s undercarriage was found to have damage that the Tesla company covered up with paint instead of repairing properly . This damage was found during a routine tire inspection and represents at least the second instance that a similar cover-up repair has been found in a Tesla vehicle.

This complaint comes from a German court proceeding, but could potentially be of concern to Tesla vehicle owners worldwide.

The court has ordered an impartial independent investigation into the matter. The investigator has confirmed that the covered-up damage is severe, and that the EV in question would fail Germany’s automobile safety inspection (TÜV).

This recent development comes after a long list of complaints about not so perfect build quality in the vehicles, as brackets, paints, and fender issues represent common complaints about the vehicles.

However, this recent development is most alarming as it represents not just poor quality control and build quality itself, but deliberate cover-up of damage by the manufacturer.


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