Uncrossed Wires: New update to Identifix software improves diagram viewing feature, Solera says

Texas, United States — Solera is aiming to make the repair process as seamless and convenient as ever with the announcement of a new update to the company’s Identifix Direct-Hit repair software, which now allows for additional wiring diagram viewing features.

With this new update, announced by the company in a press release last Tuesday, Solera says they are delivering “an easier and more convenient experience” for technicians, by allowing them to view multiple wiring diagrams side-by-side and all at once.

Solera says technicians will have the ability to trace wires across multiple diagrams and identify all interacting wires throughout the related circuits simply by hovering or clicking a component. As well, technicians will be able to print multiple diagrams at once.

Additional changes in this new software update include updated navigation capabilities, such as the ability to highlight search keywords in wiring diagrams; intuitive zoomable, drag and move display features; and user-friendly, one-click access to open diagrams in full-screen view on a new browser tab.

“Identifix’s new enhanced features in the colour wiring diagrams will be a great time saver for any technician trying to trace a wiring circuit,” said Identifix ASE Certified Master Technician Bob Mordorski.

“The ability to highlight an entire circuit and see where it goes, what components are on it, and if it potentially changes to a different colour wire(s) will be an immense help for technicians doing electrical work.”

An account executive from Solera confirmed to Collision Repair that Identifix and its corresponding updates are available to Canadian repairers.


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