Ultrasim Update: BASF extends range of simulation tool

Toronto, Ontario – BASF has extended the application range of its Ultrasim simulation tool so that it may now calculate component concepts based on elastomers, especially Elastollan, BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

“The simulation tool Ultrasim provides our customers with quick and reliable information about how BASF materials behave in their planned components, during production as well as at a later stage during service life. Customers who apply Ultrasim instead of constructing prototypes or carrying out tests can significantly shorten their development times. This simulation support is now also available for Elastollan” said  Achim Besser, team leader of material modelling in BASF’s performance materials division.

Elastollan is used in strain relief sleeves on electric connectors, spring isolators at the axles, folding bellows and end stops for shock absorbers. In interior parts, door handles and gear knobs are produced with TPU. Beyond that, Elastollan is frequently employed in the consumer goods sector in products such as ski boots, shoe soles and cable sheathings.

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