Uber Edging Toward Electric: GM to give Uber special EV pricing for drivers

Toronto, Ontario–Uber has struck a deal with General Motors that will see their drivers receive special pricing on the purchase of electric vehicles in the continued effort to push the rideshare industry into more environmentally sustainable territory.

Uber drivers in Canada and the U.S. are now eligible to receive employee pricing on the purchase of a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt, while American drivers will also be able to receive additional discounts on accessories for their electric vehicle.

“Improving access to EVs for on-demand service providers can help reduce overall tailpipe emissions in cities across the country and help accelerate widespread EV adoption,” said Sigal Cordeiro, GM executive director of sales and marketing for global innovation. “Our collaboration with Uber will facilitate drivers’ switch to an EV, empowering these drivers, their passengers and communities to experience electric vehicles and contribute to cleaner air in our cities.”

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