Two Tonne Shimmy: Ford patents off-road ‘crawling’ technology

Toronto, Ontario — Ford appears to be taking cues from the GMC Hummer EV with reports circulating that the automaker has been granted patent approval for a piece of tech called “Crawl Operations for Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle.”

Not wanting to be the only OEM in Detroit without crawling cars, a report from The Drive found that Ford is currently working on adding omni-directional capabilities to the F-series of pickup trucks.

Ford’s crawling design allows a vehicle’s wheels to turn on the same axle opposite to one another through electric actuators and motors.

Essentially, it can help you use your front wheels to crawl out from hazards like mud, sand and snowbanks.

Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to parallel park with it unless you don’t care for your suspension and love to put on a show.


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